Corporate Presentations

Beleza Do Mar
This summer I interned at Excend Capital, a private equity firm in Salt Lake City.  Though my work there consisted of screening and establishing relationships with capital partners, I had the chance to do the occasional design project.  I created these corporate presentations from pictures and information we received from the Brazilian and Chilean firms looking to raise capital.  I'm particularly proud of the fact that I did it using only the Windows XP system fonts (I couldn't install any new fonts because I didn't have the admin rights).  If some of the tables appear out of place, it's because I took them straight from the docs we received.  Because the presentations were sent to potential capital partners after a non-disclosure agreement was in place, all the names, financials, and other identifying information have been altered or removed.  One thing that has not been changed is my estimation of the ridiculously amazing beaches in Sergipe and my desire to have a house there once I'm rich and famous.  Thanks to Greg Rockwell, principal at Excend for allowing me to put these up.

Corporate Presentation - Hacienda Maria Delgado

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