Book Trailer Sneak peak

Here's a quick preview of the awesomeness that awaits once I finish the next book trailer. I'll include a little feedback I received from the author:


Well, there you go.

Riverwoods Promo Pack

I did this for the Shops at Riverwoods. It's the document that is provided to retailers interested in setting up a shop in the mall. I worked particularly hard on this because I'd like to see a Zara go in there. 

I took the pictures on the first, third, and fourth pages.


Demo Reel!

Aaaahright people. Here's the reel.


Called to Surf Catalog

I just finished up a summer catalog for Called To Surf. I tried to embed it but Scribd destroyed the colors, so you'll have to check it out at the Called To Surf website. As you can see, they have a wide selection of amazing clothes and awesome things. Next time you visit the Shops at the Riverwoods, swing by and see. They have a ton of surf brands that you won't find anywhere else in Utah.

New book trailers

Head on over to TrailerBook.net and check out the latest book trailer - "Ammon"

The site has also been redesigned and now ranks much higher on Aesthetics, Usability, and General Awesomeness.


Some exciting new stuff

I haven't put anything up here for a while, but I'm working on some exciting new projects with a few local companies. More news to come!


Book Trailers online

Trailerbook.net is now online! My multitudinous interests and projects now include making book trailers for authors to promote their books online.  Head on over for all your book trailer needs.  Tell your author friends, like our Facebook page, and check it out!



Book Trailer Scene Breakdown

Book Trailer Scene Breakdown from Matt Morrell on Vimeo.

Here's a breakdown of the scene I did for the booktrailer.


Book trailer scene

Book trailer scene from Matt Morrell on Vimeo.

This is a scene from a book trailer I'm working on for the book My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison. In the book a girl and her house get sent back to the middle ages, hence the modern house in the foreground.


Engagement pictures

I'm planning on putting together a separate site for photography, but until that's done, I'll have to post a sample of pictures.  This is from an engagement shoot that I did last weekend.  Congratulations Ryan and Brittany!


New Poster - Typography Mania!

I just finished the poster for the second annual Highland Jazz Festival.  For this one I wanted to go with a more typography-driven design.  I wish I could go to the show.  Bobby Shew is the man, and apparently Jeff Coffin plays with two saxes at once!



I'm finally getting into 3D in a more serious way, so yesterday I followed a tutorial to create one of the most exciting things a human mind can conceive: a living room!  Creating shiny pots and shaggy rugs are really just humble first steps leading up to space ships, castles, tyrannosaurs, ICBMs, Decepticons, etc.


New motion graphics!

Electricity PSA from Matt Morrell on Vimeo.

This is a motion graphic project I did for the HBLL Green Team.  It will be shown on video screens throughout the library.


Green Team Logo Reveal

Here's a work in progress for the HBLL Green Team.


ScholarsArchive intro

ScholarsArchive from Matt Morrell on Vimeo.

Here's yet another attempt to turn some dull library instruction into something exciting.  I figure that if the beginning 30 seconds are interesting enough people are more likely to stick it out till the end of the tutorial. Jeremy Stiborek pitched in yet again with his golden voice.


ScholarsSearch tutorial online!

Here it is at last, citizens.  Featuring the voice talents of Jeremy Stiborek and the jubilant acting of Mitchell Wright and other sundry folk, it's pretty exciting.  It's also the first BYU Library tutorial available in HD, so all you videomongers with big screens can check it out in all it's glory.


Dell Presentation

Matching Dell Final                                                            

This is a consulting presentation on Dell for a strategy class.  The group pitched in on analysis, I did the the design, everyone went home happy.

Scribd kinda messed up the graphics on a few of the pages.  Somehow the pdf got trashed in the embedding, but it actually looks ok on the Scribd website.


Draper Temple Footage - Wedding Video Greatness

On Labor Day my friends and I went up to Draper to shoot some footage with their new Canon 7D.  The resulting awesomeness can be seen here, and I'd say it turned out pretty great for their first time with the camera.  It features their buddy and business associate Mike in the staring role of the young man wandering the temple grounds and asking himself important, life-changing questions like "How is it that simple dolly moves can blow your mind?"

Luckily for the masses, these guys are starting a wedding video business, nay, a wedding video revolution!  Check out the video, forward it to everyone you know, and tell your engaged friends and family about the Sperry brothers' new venture.  They'll make sure the best day of your life looks amazing.